Saturday, 10 November 2012

Transfer data from windows XP harddrive to windows 7 hardrive

I had taken a backup of my data from windows XP harddrive using the Windows NT backup restore utility as my harddrive was not going to last for long. I successfully managed to get the backup done. However, I could not restore the backup on windows 7 on my new harddrive as I realised they had come up with a new backup restore utility which was windows easy transfer. I tried several ways, but found the following one to be the easiest

1. Copy "ntbackup.exe", "ntmsapi.dll", "vssapi.dll" from C:\WINDOWS\system 32 (Windows XP Harddrive) to your device(external) where you have taken the backup.
2. Connect the external device where you want the backup to be restored (Windows 7 Harddrive).
3. Double click on "ntbackup.exe". The Windows NT backup restore utility will open up and you will be able to transfer your data.

Note: This is only for cases where hardrive needs to be replaced and you want to install windows 7 on your new hardrive, else you just need to format your C Drive and install windows 7 from installation CD.

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